Session Prep TIPS

Session preparation is pretty simple, but if you follow some of these suggestions, you may find you're more focused and able to enjoy your session.


General Tips for ALL Sessions:

  • Feel free to reach out before your session with any questions you may have. This will allow us to have a much more focused session.
  • Drink plenty of water the day before and day of your session. It's also recommended to eat lightly so you're not in a food coma for your session.
  • Plan to relax at least 15 minutes before your session, if at all possible. You will be much more able to focus and participate      when not under stress.
  • It's advisable to plan ahead to have at least an hour free after your session in case you need to nap, journal or even run!
  • If we're not meeting in person, be sure to set yourself up for our call in comfortable and quiet place where you won't be interrupted. The less distractions the better.
  • Wear comfortable clothing if possible. We'll be moving around a lot of energy and it really helps when you're comfortable.
  • Come to your session with an open mind. Neither of us know exactly what will come up in your session, so be prepared for a fun ride!

Spiritual Gifts Session TIPS:

  • Come ready to have a little fun! You'll be learning about your super powers! Your gifts are not just your strengths - they're the super powers that don't seem super to you at all. They're often the things that come so easily to you you just think everyone can do that thing. Some of what you hear may be affirming and  some may even be a little unbelievable. 
  • You can prepare a little ahead by thinking about what specific gifts you want to learn about or for what purpose or even ones you want to develop! For example, you may be changing jobs and need to know which gifts will help you interview at your best; or maybe you want to start dating again and you want to ensure you're not only at your best but you can properly discern people; or you simply want to know your top 5 overall gifts and how best to use them.

Entourage Session TIPS:

  • Come ready to have some fun! You'll be learning about your own personal support group! Your entourage is comprised of the angels, spirits, animals, etc that are there for your greatest good.  

Alignment Session TIPS:

  • Think about an area of life that you wish was going better or would happen easier. It could be you hate your job and want to get something new; it could be you want a better relationship with a loved one; or anything else where you are wanting to see some movement. You may have several areas and likely we'll address several throughout our session - but please take a moment to prioritize so we can focus where you most want traction.

Energy, Chakra, and Crystal Session TIPS:

  • It is recommended to avoid  wearing anything metal including belts and all jewelry. This will help ensure your body's energies balance correctly. 

What do I Do AFTER My Session?

  • Drink plenty of water before and after your session. Your body will be moving emotions and energy and you'll be detoxing physically and emotionally. Water is the elixir of life and will help your body move and eliminate all of these "toxins".
  • Some people feel energized after sessions, some people feel tired, and some people feel light headed or airy and floaty. Be sure you have healthy snacks on hand to nourish and ground your body and take a nap or a run as needed.
  • I highly encourage you to journal your insights, ahas, and thoughts from your session. This will help you process what you learned as well as what was released and help you integrate it more fully into your being.

Enjoy your sessions!