About Our Coaches

Michelle Scott - Certified Alignment Coach, and Success and Mindset Coach

Michelle is trained to help her clients be a U-er yoU! Her zone of genius is her gifts of connection and listening for opportunity. Thru creative conversations and a holistic approach addressing Head, Heart, Body and Soul, Michelle acts as the bridge for her clients, from the jungles of the unknown to the lands of possibility. She helps people get un-stuck in their lives by finding “the 3rd option”. Michelle loves to make people laugh and enjoys traveling the world in her off time with her husband and 2 fuzzy four-legged children.


  • My spiritual gift session really prepared me for what was to come this week! I absolutely would recommend Michelle.  ~ Shannon
  • I never saw it in the context that Michelle put it in tonight. I feel so validated.  

                  ~ Rachael

  • I  highly recommend Michelle  to anyone wanting a deeper spiritual connection or to build more self trust.  

                  ~ Evangeline

  • I left our session invigorated and enlightened. I had an abundance of energy and happiness. THANK YOU!! It was amazing.  

                  ~ Jennifer

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As a result or working with Michelle, people light up and feel in love with their lives! They have mind blowing revelations that they literally talk about for years. As a result of your time together, you will feel  refreshed and confident and ready to take inspired action. 

Michelle is currently booking with people who want to find possibility for their OWN lives and unleash THEIR greatest potential. Who do you know that might like to play and create their own masterpiece life?